FMP Weekly Post 12: APP


This week, I still design my app. I want show some icon that when people watching it ,they will know it is mean China.  Therefore, I choose too many elements from Chinese culture. I want make this app more fun. For example, panda is mean animal, Qipao is mean clothes… I hope this icon could help user learn more.


This is my app. Red, this color have a important meaning for China. So, the mean color is red. There have 6 parts for this app. My courses, dialogue,writing,scanning, information and finding.There have 18 icons that for every courses. Word card could help user learn how to reading and remember the new word. At the same time, user could listen the voice of the new word. After that, user could study how to writing this word use a right way. Dialogue have some basic conversation of different theme. User also could save their voice and speak to the app. Scanning could help user know a new word that form every place. For example, when you see a Chinese word, just scan it. Information page could help users to know the correct rate and study time of daily, week, month and year.   Finding part could help users find a friends. Talking with you friends and speaking Chinese

侧边栏 对话 -1数据统计 水-2


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