FMP Weekly Post 9: ideation

Combining with previous research, I designed a prototype app。

First, if a user doesn’t understand certain Chinese word, they can use the app to scan it and the app will automatically find out the word with additional information like pinyin, real-person pronunciation, meaning, and the way to use the word. The user can also add this word to app’s notebook so that he or she can review it later. I got this notebook idea from an English translator app called Youdao Dictionary.

My app also has a writing section and reviewing section. Writing section will teach how to write correctly. The app will give step-by-step instruction to write Chinese character, and will show a model character for comparing purpose. The last section is games, which will make the learning more interesting and easy to remember. The uses can simply drag different parts into the matts to make the right character, but they also need to watch out for confusing parts.


This app focuses on the memorization of single word. And users can choose different categories to learn such as food (which will probably be the most popular one), cloth, transportation, and housing. They can also use the search bar to look for what they are interested such as restaurant recommendations.

IMG_1492 IMG_1493

This is a mode design. There have five boxes for different parts of Chinese characters. There have left, right, middle, top and bottom. They also have different colors. I want to use a matts that users could put different parts in the matts.


After some discussions within the group and with the instructor, I made this prototype app. But it needs further development.


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