FMP Weekly Post 7: Questionnaire



I did a small survey for a population whose native language is not Chinese. The questions involve age, nationality, and career. Everyone has his or her interesting answer. I came to conclude that:

1,  People who are older than forty years old don’t think they need to learn Chinese. People who are from twenty to thirty years old, however, are strongly interested in learning Chinese, especially those who are still in school.

2, Most of the people who took the survey think Chinese is very hard to learn, especially for writing and reading.

3,  The majority of people think speaking is the most important ability for a language, while the remaining think that listening, speaking, reading and writing are equally important.

4,  As for the question of what they think is the goal of studying Chinese, half of the people chose for casual conversation. The other half chose reading news. So people want to learn more than basic words.


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