FMP Weekly Post 6: Research in China town

Research in China town

During my conversation with the professor this week, I found out that I kind of lost in my topic. I couldn’t agree more with one point my professor said, I had to give a new life to my project. Back to where I start, the reasons I chose this topic were that it could help more people learn Chinese more effectively, and it would let more people know Chinese culture. I did a little research on instagram. I found thousands of posts with hash tag “Chinatown.” Most of them are about Chinese food, especially dim sum. I stayed in Chicago for a month, and visited Chicago’s Chinatown several times. Many local Americans went to Chinatown to buy groceries, but they didn’t understand the Chinese characters on the package. Chinatowns exist in almost every big city in the world, and more Chinese are going abroad. I’m sure Chinese language will become more important in the future.

IMG_1780   IMG_1861


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