FMP Weekly Post 5: Case study- Chineasy


This is a very interesting video that about how make Chinese easy.  She give her book name is Chinesay. ShaoLan Hsueh has been a tech writer, an investor and entrepreneur, who now focuses on teaching Chinese through an engaging new method. She from Taiwan, so she focus on traditional Chinese characters.

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The book Chinesay introduces some basic Chinese characters, and help people learn Chinese writing more efficiently by analyzing the structure of Chinese characters. There are some benefits from this method. The first one is to use pictographs to analyze basic Chinese characters, and then extend the basics to more complex Chinese characters. It is sort of like when we learn English, we study one word and then extend it to its verb, noun, adjective, or adverb. Secondly, the author uses vivid and colorful illustrations to make the learning process more appealing. I saw her TED speech about her teaching method, and I saw her enthusiasm in Chinese language.

I do have a recommendation for this software. This software only teaches traditional Chinese. Since many foreigners live in Mainland China right now, and what they will use everyday is actually simplified Chinese. So they can develop a new edition for simplified Chinese.

I’m grateful for whatever she has done for the spread of Chinese language. More people get to read and write Chinese.


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