Smart City- Oyster Card with Nail CardReport

                  Oyster Card with Nail CardIMG_9768About Design 2, it will coming end. I still developing and thinking my idea and product. I enjoy my topic-Oyster Card.

If you want to know to what extent a city is developed, one important criterion is its infrastructure, especially its public transportation. As to London, its one hundred years old tube system and red bus has already became a symbol of the city. Every one who lives in London knows Oyster card. This simple card lowers the transportation cost and improves the efficiency. But this is a high-tech era, what can we do to let the oyster card smarter? Are there any problems with oyster card that we should deal with? We carry many cards with us everyday, like credit card, debit card, bus card, and all sorts of membership card. Some of the cards are using bar codes, and others are using chips including oyster card. If you hold an oyster card against the light, you can see a chip and a circle of wires inside the card. When you swipe the card, it will be automatically recognized and money will be deducted from your account. At first I thought oyster card is already good enough. However, I interviewed with some of the staff at the tube station and several other passengers, they told me that the card was easy to broke apart and sometimes it didn’t work anymore after being put with a cellphone for a while. So I went to the waterloo station and took a three minutes video. During this three minutes, I noticed many problems with using oyster cards. Some passengers found the card didn’t work when trying to enter the gate; some of them took a long time standing by the gate and trying to find their card; and cards were easily fell off people’s hands especially during the peak time due to the fast-moving crowd, and cause a longer line waiting to get in the station. It came to me that how to make the oyster card smarter and easier to use? photoOne day, I saw a flash drive, which looks like a finger.( It inspired me. I thought the latest trend in the high-tech world is wearable products. Why not make the oyster card wearable? After some brain storming, putting the chip into people’s nails came into my mind. By doing this, all we have to do is slightly swipe our finger over the machine. But this technology may involves others issues like affecting people’s health and their privacy. Some moral dangers have to be taken into doc 6_1 At last, I took out the chip from the oyster card, and put it in an artificial nail. Manicure is so popular among women. they can use different kinds of artificial nail that contains a chip. People can use nails with different color and design based on their preferences and mood. Men can also use this nail to equip them with the latest popular high-tech product. By wearing artificial nails with chips in it, people don’t have to worry they would lost the card, because it is right there on your fingertip. It also saves a tremendous amount of time for the busy city-living people.W2E(my pic) Right now, card with chip is still very common. But if we can actually change this idea to reality, and make the nails available in nail bar, boots and countless other convenience stores, people’s lives will become much more easier.


photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo

Kin Design Studio

We received valuable advice during the presentation in kin design. The tutors gave three main suggestions concerning my presentation. First, whether it is possible to establish a brand for the Nail Card, and design a package for it. So the product could be more close to the reality. Second, the customer experience part in the video is too long, and the length should be reduced. Third, how to make the key point “fashion and beauty” more obvious. Those advices are accurate and helpful, and I benefited a lot from them. After the presentation, I followed the advice and made up a small package for Nail Card. Furthermore, I also got huge benefits from watching other classmates’ Design 2 video. I saw so many creative thoughts, intriguing research processes, and astonishing videos. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the help from teachers and my group teammates. Cooperation and teamwork, after all, are that matter. zhijai


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