Critical Design Critique

Critical Design

“Designers are usually seen as problem solvers. Their function is to make a product better or more beautiful, or to make a process more efficient. But what if, instead of solving problems, they posed them?” When we see a design, we always to think about the function. It is really solve a problem. When designer facing a problem, they should think about more ideas.

Therefore, Critical design is an important way to make an idea prefect. We cannot use critical design to ‘draw’ the future, but it can help us have more possibilities. The key important point is ideas that should to looking all aspects of the thing.

The critique

Speculative and Critical Design are different roads. People around the world has to tackle class, gender, racial discrimination, that interestingly unable to be recognized by SCD. Despite that, SCD has something necessary and valid to support to society, but urged to escape its narrow northern European middle class confines. As Prado said that “Speculative Design can only earn its “Critical” name once it leaves its own comfort zone and start looking beyond privilege, for real”.


p.1–9 of Dunne, A. and Raby F., (2013). Speculative Everything: Design Fiction and Social Dreaming. London: The MIT press.


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