new doc 6_2

My “Driver “is technology. I focus on technology in the body. The first idea is from a short movie, name is “Sight”. This movie is a wild guess about future invisible glass. They told us that we would use contact lenses everyday in the future. For example, what do we eat? What do we wear? Also the can give us some information for something. I think it is interesting. Therefore, I think it would be great if the invisible glass could be used as an oyster card. Let ‘s think about that when we enter the station, the machine will recognize the chip in the contact lenses and let us go in and go out. The contact lenses will also provide directions for the destination and show you more information that you want.

photonew doc 6_1

When I see this Flash storage from keinmagazine, I thought why couldn’t we install the chip in our fingers? Such as girls like make up their nail. I think most of us will have the experience that we are standing in front of the machine trying to find out card. It is especially awkward when there is a long line during busy hours. It would a lot easier if the chip is in our fingers. The only thing we need to do is swipe our finger across the machine.


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