Drivers of Change

“Drivers of Change communicates research, trends, and questions about the future.”

Ten different words could change the future. It is depend on those “drivers” and designers. People want to construct ideal society. After reading the Drivers of Change, I pick some issues that relative my system. Firstly, I choose convergence, urbanization, demographics and energy, then, I focus on two parts. Energy and  technology.


1, Energy

We all know that the oyster card is smart card for London transportation.According to the survey, there are thousands of people use oyster card through a subway station every day in London. At the same time, there are nearly 270 tube stations. This is a very huge population. The driver is energy, I envisaged use oyster card brush the machines. On physics aspect, it is called “electrification by friction.” Individual’s capacity is limited, but the power of a huge group is unlimited. The electricity generated is sufficient supply of underground electricity out of the London Underground.


2,  Technology

When I studied this subject, I chose the Waterloo station at peak time. I want to know what situation will encounter when people use the oyster card. I find that the most frequent problem is that people in a hurry time, they often take time to find their own cards, sometimes cards will fall to the ground due to too hasty, and there are some people put the card into their wallet, but sometimes the machine no reader. So, if we can put the chip into the nails. Just like the girls are willing change their nail style. Therefore, when people through the machine, they only needs to sweep their nails.


3, Technology

When I first used oyster card in London Underground, I would be confused complex subway lines and bus routes. I do not know how to arrived destinations. So, I think maybe this card can be full screen, we can enter the place we want go, oyster card is my trip navigation. At the same time, we can also know the price and time. And reach the station, the card told us to get off. Andy gave me more inspiration, why we do not use our mobile phones? Which also linked to another one of my ideas (pic 2). We can use our phone to scan the two-dimensional code when we way in and way out. This app can really solve a lot of trouble.

IMG_7778(pic 1)

IMG_7779(pic 2)

Thank u.


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