Smart City

When we focus on one topic, you will find that too many information around and relevant this topic. I remember that in the holidays I went to Turkey. I had read a magazine on the plane; there is an article about the smart city. I feel interesting. Then, in the last week, I took the train to London. A man next to me and he has reading the newspaper. Also have a big title–smart city. In contact with the subject of this semester, I feel this topic is very popular in the UK.  So,What is the smart city?

For me, I think the smart city is a concept that is convenient life of people. This article is vividly talking about what is the smart city? Why people need it? How is the work of smart city?

The mainly goals of smart city:

firstly, achieve a sustainable development.

Secondly, Increase the quality of life of its citizens.

Finally, Improve the efficiency of the existing and new infrastructure.

I had some research about the smart city. The smart city including 6 parts: smart governance, smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart people and smart living.

In modern society, people want have a effectively life system. As a part of citizens, I hope too many convenient ways to enhance my life. However, there are some potential problems that we need considered: how to change the old system: such as old street, old building. How to protect “operating system ”? It is really smart? if something have problem.


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