Critical Design

Critical Design

“a shift from designing for how the world is…… to designing for how the world could be.”

—Anthony Dunne

When I watched the video about speculative everything from Anthony Dunne. I think, It is a very specific lecture for me.  I had learn what is speculative design basically. Also, he given a lot of example to explain his method. He said, realism over than idealism. I can feel what is the main purpose of communication design in the future. Some art works can make our thinking, raise awareness, expose assumptions, provoke action, spark debate, even entertain in an intellectual sort of way, like literature or film. Using communication design method  show a change of political, economic and social.
What is Critical Design? Critical Design is a kind of design uses speculative design proposals to challenge assumptions, conceptions about the role of objects play in everyday life.

There is a example that use body change to show technology in the future.


(Picture from :  Photo by : Mathilde Bech)

In modern society, too many people be fond of use internet to communicate, such as facebook, Wechat. Actually, I feel I can not leave without those app in my daily life.This intangible communication will perhaps cause physical distance between human beings. Therefore,This picture through cress-plant the care can be instilled in each human being and a simulated relationship is established. When I saw this picture, I think, I need looking forward the real word, pay more attention to my friends, give them real love. Instead of some common and “like” in the internet, face to face my friends, listen their story.

Critical design is art or not?


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