Design one work

When I finished my 6 task, I find I have a lot of work now. The biggest improve is sketch. Because before I came to here, I am not good at to sketch. However, now, I can draw some cute one. And I think sketch is very important to designer. Due to it is the first step when designer design something. This is all my task work.

Cultural Probes


It was my first time to collect information in this way. At first, I failed because I completely misunderstood the meaning of it. So I used another method, folding paper crane. Teachers gave students some paper, and students could write advice for teachers or friends on them. Then they folded the paper and put it in a box. After all papers were put in the box, people will mix them up. Then everyone would pick one paper crane from the box and gave it to whoever it belongs to. I think although it is an old-fashioned way, it is still interesting. People know it is entirely anonymous so that they can give true advices.



I designed two games to help busy parents to spend more time with their children. The first one is that parents can buy puzzles of the country that their children like. When the children finish the puzzle, they can take a picture of it and send it to the company. Then they get a chance to win a free tour of this country.

This is a clock which parent can set an alarm on it. When the time arrives, the music will start to play and parents can dance with their children.

Data Visualization


My topic is population. So I chose a special but vivid subject to depict the image which is sperm. Every sperm represents one percent. The user can clearly see which area has more population.


IMG_5669 IMG_5668 IMG_5667 IMG_5666

My topic is blue whale. I really love this homework. This is my first time to attempt to build a simple app. At first I made an user experience map. I used a series of photos to show the whole process. When I was in the museum, I noticed that most of the visitors are children. Some of them went there with their classmates, and some with their parents. I interviewed with some children in the museum and asked what did they think of the museum, so that I could know what they need. After several drafts, I made a app targeted for children from 8 to 12. Children of this age just enter elementary school. They know some basic words, but prefer colorful images and games. I hope they could learn more about blue whale through this app.

Af first, Andy gave me some advice when I finished my first draft. He thought I didn’t create this app from the viewpoint of a child and it was too complicated to use for them. So I added the part of taking pictures and playing games. They can use the app to generate pictures with blue whale and share it with friends. They can also know the diet of blue whale in the app.

This is the first musePad work.

1.1 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.1

This is the redesign pages.







I think there are many weak points of my app. The biggest mistake I made is that I ignored the fact that this app is for kids and it had to be simple and clear. But at first, all I was thinking was how to make it looks better and put as much information as possible in the app. I realized that I need to think out of box and try to open my mind to embrace different ideas.

Finally, I want express my thanks to the three instructors, Jackie, Andy and James. They taught so much in last semester. I love the way they teach. I always got many chances to actually do it by myself instead of listening to lectures. Since I want to be a teacher in the future, their teaching styles really inspired me a lot. For next semester, I hope I can improve on the software.


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