Information age


People lives with information all the time. People use information to communicate, to send message, to record events and to make a plan. There has been a great change in the way people use to transfer information, from carving on the stone to sending through electronic data. As time goes by, people gradually learn to transfer information in a more effective and efficient way. This blog will briefly talk about how the way people transfer information change in the history.


The first modern information technology is broadcast. Before the broadcast came into existence, printed media like newspaper is the major method for people to communicate information. However, the problem of the printed media is that it is often limited in certain area and information cannot go far away. If people want to send long distance information, they have to send mail and wait for a long time. Broadcast is the first method that people can use to send message in a short time. It’s importance cannot be overstated. This new method completely revolutionized people’s life and brought the society to a new stage.


The next stage is cellphone. The first cellphone was invented about 50 years ago, and everybody nowadays has a cellphone. It already become indispensable in people’s daily life. Compared to broadcast, cellphone is a more convenient way to communicate. People can use it anywhere, anyplace. It enormously broadens people’s reach for information. Cellphone is designed to have more functions in recent 10 years. They are called “Smartphone.” People can use it to browse internet, take photos, and listen to music.


We came to Internet era about 30 years ago. It’s the most important inventions in 20th century. There is no doubt that Internet entirely changed out thinking style and way of living. We use Internet for study, work and entertainment. Everything is going online. People starts to shop online more often instead of going to store; people watches movies online instead of going to cinema. Currently, Internet is the major way people use to communicate information.


People always try to go farther. We start to use satellite to transfer information globally. Compared to other methods, satellite provide a much quicker and high-quality method to transfer information. People use it to forecast weather, transfer cellphone and TV signal, and use GPS service. It is a huge step in information transfer development.


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