Visual hierarchy

When we open a magazine, there must have a point attractive our eyes. This point maybe is a word, a picture, or a color. In a page, what is the most important thing? Which is second one that designer want to tell you? Knight and Glaser said, ” Layout, for both print and screen, is one of the most important aspect of graphic design”. (Knight  & Glaser, 2013) Every page needs to layout. It could make our reading more interesting and quickly to catch some important information. Therefore, how to make layout effectively?

There have 6 aspects that designer need to think about:

  • Typeface: Letterform make words, and words have meaning. Some typeface is beautiful but complex; some one is simple and easy to read. More bold or tine can make one word looks different. Choosing a right typeface is most important things in visual hierarchies.
  • Size: Big letters can more attractive people’s eyes. At the same time, small letters always tell reader some detail.
  • Color: Color need conform to you topic.
  • Space: Enough space can make the whole page clearly.
  • Light and shade: more light or more shade always can influence the topic. Light one can first show to reader.
  • Picture: put some pictures can make information more vividly. Sometimes, if the picture occupies the whole page, this picture will be the main point.

There have a example can explain that 6 key words.

屏幕快照 2014-11-23 下午10.48.30

This is COS e-magazine. When we first see this page, there have a lot information you can see. But the first one must be the picture, because, it has color. Then some city’s name will attective you eyes. So, it is prove that Big and blod letter can  stress the information.

屏幕快照 2014-11-23 下午10.49.53

The same function like the 1st pic.

屏幕快照 2014-11-23 下午10.53.06

This is KINFOLK e-magazine. We can see the pic hold on the whole page. Picture is best way to communicate the information.

屏幕快照 2014-11-23 下午10.53.25

The first one we can see must be the big words, because it is easy to read. Then we can see the red words. That is the key words in article.

In conclusion, visual hierarchies can make information clearly. Readers can easy to read the page. Therefore, How to make the page more visual hierarchies?  I think the word and the pic are crucial points in one page.


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