Visual Data

We always use some chart to show the different data, such as, bar chart, line chart, and pie chart. However, if we use a normal way to show the data. It is boring! Now, we focus on a new subject that is visual data. It is different than before. And, It is interesting!

How to communicate data vividly? Some visual data designer uses a different way to show us a “special data chart”. We call it ” information design”. Therefore, what is the information design? Margret Rouse said, “Information design is the detailed planning of specific information that is to be provided to a particular audience to meet specific objectives”( It is clear to tell us there have three steps that are information architecture, information planning and information design. So, what is good or bad information design? I will give two examples.

The first one I am really liking it. It is from engineering doctorate candidate Ed Manley and spatial analysis lecturer James Cheshire, both from University College London. It shows the language of tweets sent from the London area over the summer.  Why I like it?  One the one hand, this picture able to communicate the information about this topic “Twitter Languages in London”, in the corner of the left, there have five key colors about the topic. The most important thangs is this is true! It is such a satellite imagery to show us. Let me remember that we I took an airplane in the night, we can see different light in the city. One the other hand, we can clearly see the different colors in this picture, they give a visual data. For example, the green area and some red spot.



Socuse from:

The second one I think it is ineffective. This study author is Rachel Hertog from San Francisco State University. The topic is about the interdependency of its innumerous ecosystems. There is no doubt that are gorgeous  pictures. However, if I do not tell you anything, you will be confused this topic. There do not have any key words in this pic.



Socuse from :

In conclusion, personally, I think that an effective visual data must have three elements. Firstly, give a main topic in this work. Secondly, provide some key words to help reader easy to understand. Finally, make is different, especially, and interesting. The designer need to think about how making this work more attractive. At the same time, the data must be reliable.

There is my group work of data visualization

IMG_3393 IMG_3398

This is a data for ourself. It is about time schedule of online of phone.


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