In recent year, digital magazines have already published in people’s daily life. A key factor in this development is that the Internet was control the whole world. We use the Internet every day with our phone, iPad and computer.

This is a revolution of the magazine. Instead of traditional print publishing, digital magazine will be a trend in the future. Compared to print magazines, digital magazines can communicate ideas and information more effectively. It not only can save on energy, but also easy to carry out. At the same times, the relationships with brand, digital magazines can be flexible to show kind of advertising. Therefore, this is a huge opportunity for development of magazines. In addition, digital magazines more focus on user experience. As a user, it is interesting! As a designer, it has provided a platform that can achieve more, over our thinking.

There have an example that is iweekly; we can use it in our phone and ipad. The first time we can download it in our iphone in 2010. Iweekly show the different experience of global news, social communicate, fashion pic and the city. The most important things that are free to use. Before the digital magazine of iweekly, they had published in 1980. Actually, it is not famous when they are a newspaper and it is not free to read. Since 2010, they have published an app of iweekly; it was more popular than before. Higher quality pic, more information and easier to carry out are both significant sectors to attract readers. It is a successful revolution.


In summary, everything needs to change. It is no doubt that newspapers, book and magazine have changed our life in the last decade. However, due to the development of the Internet, people need new technology. E-publishing is a new way to create a new lifestyle.

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