Let’s sketch!

When we were young, we don’t know how to use intelligent software, but we can sketch! Now, sketch is the most important tool for every designer. A good designer must have a sketchbook. When a designer makes a planning for their work, they need to think about content strategy, site architecture, user experience and all must be considered before designing a site.

Why sketching is so important? Why it’s so valuable to web designers?

1, Sketching is the most efficient and effective planning tools.

2, Quickly and explore concepts without the fear of making costly mistakes.

3, Low cost, everyone can do it.

4, It is an easy way to test ideas or spar on inspiration.

At the same time, it could help communication between designers and clients.

1, Clients and co-workers can focus on ideas, not details.

2, Sketches can focus on that “ONE BIG IDEA”, clients can add their opinion to the work.

Not only web designer need sketch, but also all of designers needs it. I had read a book that talked about Kan Tai Keang, who is a very famous Chinese graphic designer. He designed the logo of China bank. When I saw his sketch, I am shocked. He has drawn too many pages for a bank logo. Then he chooses one of those for China bank. However, we can find other Chinese bank logo from this sketchbook. Therefore, good design must have a good planning process in sketchbook.


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