Remix Culture

Remix culture remix my mind.

Remix culture is relevant to our life. Maybe it exists in our daily life, however, we just don’t realize it. Therefore, what is remix culture? What are some of the challenges and opportunities it poses for the professional designer and design industries? Now, Let’s focus on the remix!

Remix culture is a way that encourages some different cultures to mix in a same product. Break the traditional mode of thinking style, artists could use different elements in their artworks. We can find a remix culture in different areas, such as, music, fashion, design, art, and even food. It is a new experience for everyone, if everything is a remix. I remember I saw a picture in instagram of a mother’s food art works. She uses food to make pictures for her child. At the same time, she adds some music in the picture. I think this is an interesting example. An artist made a study of remix culture, which shows the remix culture has been developing rapidly in different areas.


In Remix Era, Why we cannot remix? Actually, we need it. Remix practice beyond culture and Internet. The first remix in history is a song that combines different elements of music. Then, electronic pop music was developed in 1980s. A few years later, remix culture started to influence more areas, like music videos on TV, some software with amazing graphic design, motion graphic and photography. We can feel remix culture has arrived. Remix culture has already existed in cultural works. It gives more opportunities to professional designers and design industries. Because we have a lot of cultures, elements and areas, so we will be getting new works that we can’t calculate. Everyone is able to do a different thing. I think it is a challenge if we want more splendid, more special, and more amazing products. And can we create new things through a right way? There is nothing that can be right forever. As the Lev Manovich said that “So it is very possible that the remix culture, which right now appears to be so firmly in place that it can’t be challenged by any other cultural logic, will morph into something else sooner than we think”. I don’t know which new era will replace remix culture, because remix culture always can give possibilities in anywhere.

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Every week, I will have a challenge that to think about a new word that I have never known before. However, I am happy!


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