Cultural Probe

Different ways give designers more ideas.
Actually, I need to use a long time to read this article. As a designer, when we start reading, learning and feeling a design process, we must have curiosity and passion. And I will explain more about my opinions in following part.

Firstly, before Bill Gaver, Tony Dunne and Elena Pacent showing us this topic “cultural probes”, I have no idea about this. So, what is a cultural probe and why is it a useful tool for designers? The cultural probe is a way to use some materials to inspire ideas in a design process, like a map, postcard, camera and diary. Along with evocative tasks, which are given to participants to allow them to record specific events, feelings or interactions. The aim is to stimulate inspirational responses from people, instead of understanding their cultures and ideas. At the same time, designers will have more imaginary space.

Secondly, what do the author mean by the phrase “inspiration, not information”? In my opinion, I think ideas are from inspiration of information. Inspiration, not information, there is no deny that we need information, it could help us find new things. We are looking for the process that could give us inspiration, enthusiasm and ideas. The most important thing is process, not result. J. Levy, Surrealism said, “ The game should be played for some length of time to arrive at the most curious results. The questions, as well as the answer, are to be considered as symptomatic.”

Finally, how did the author’s cultural probes influence their design? What was successful about their research method in this example?
Designers use the Cultural probe as a method to collect information. This method is not like questionnaires that scientists give us. But designers use an interesting way to investigate. Culture probe is warm, more close to life. It can touch the heart of the participant’s real thoughts, while the result is real, and often makes people shocked. In my opinion, this process truly removes all barriers in culture, geography, and language. Designers and users could communicate with each other through this medium. Let’s think about the evidence that three groups had different results, the probe is the best way to help people communicate.

Thanks for you time to read, maybe I went to a wrong way. And I am sorry about week1 and week2, I was just not clear about what I needed to do. By the way, I enjoys reading.

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